American Football Player

Hello! My name is Andreas. I am a American Football player from Belgium where I play in the team of the Ostend Pirates as defensive player.

Before I fell in love with American Football, I played soccer, basket, judo and rugby on high level. My experience as rugby player gave me a real lead for the American Football. After 2 years I was selected for the All-stars, an annual competition between the best Flemish and Walloon football players. In 2015 I was selected for the national team and played in the qualifying match against the Netherlands, which we lost unfortunately. In 2016, our team won the Belgian Championship. This title was the springboard in the career of some players.

Because of some severe injuries and because I started playing at later age, unfortunately, such a career is not for me. Next to the trainings and competition on national level, I am committed to train and support new athletes and football players.

My strongest feature as football player? I never release when I have grabbed someone. And of course, the supplements of Cosmofarma¬†🙂 I will post from now on an regular basis some blog posts about my experience as an American Football player and I will write some reports about our games.